Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Sept 8/9

Fishing has moved a little farther out, as the guys are going offshore past the lighthouse about 22 miles.

Todd Raumaker went out for his second day on the water with Ramon and Juan aboard ReelRum. He had a good second day, catching 4 Yellowfin and 2 Dorado.

Frank Heath and Bill and Nick Dixon were on El Nuevo RedRum for a full day of fishing. They had an exceptional day, catching and releasing 2 Sailfish, 3 Dorado and 7 Yellowfin!

The McGlothin clan, Randy, Ronnie, Deborah and Katrina along with TIm and Suzanne Csendon headed out on RumRunnin with Captain Jesus and Mate Noe. They had a good day, catching 8 Yellowfin Tuna.

Justin Peterson and Meliza Cruzado went out on Big Papi for the day with Julio and Ulysses. They had a lot of fun catching a Sailfish and 8 Yellowfin.

The Bryants, Dennis, Timothy, Matt and Nathan headed out for their second of two days on the water on Sunday with Alex and Jesus aboard El Nuevo RedRum. They had a Blue Marlin on for a while in the morning before he spit the hook, lost one really big Dorado and caught 3 nice size Dorados, and a Yellowfin.

John Hartmann, William Marquardt, Joe Bilotta, Bill Blind and David Delauder had a good first of two days on the water with Jesus and Americo on RedRum. They caught 6 Yellowfin, 2 Dorado and Dave caught and released a nice Sailfish.

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