Cabo San Lucas Fish Report September 14th – 20th

*The beautiful Pacific Sailfish on the back of TantRum in the featured picture of this weeks Fish Report was released seconds after the photo was taken.  RedRum Sportfishing always recommends and appreciates the Catch & Release of all Billfish.  (Photo Credit: Becky Jeans)

The second week of September started off a little slow at RedRum, while there were only a few charters that went out Captain Alex was the only one lucky enough to get into some fish.  He fished with John Burd and his group from the Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation.  I forgot to mention in last weeks report that this group actually caught a White Marlin while fishing aboard TopGun.  On their 2nd day, this time on El Nuevo they Caught and Released 2 Sailfish as well as 1 more Sailfish the following day!

TantRum also caught and released a huge Sailfish at 109″ with the Jeans party on the 15th (featured picture).  Omar and Oscar had a great catch of a Blue Marlin that was all of 300+ pounds with Shaun Owens.  Mr. Owens also caught 2 nice Yellowfin Tuna to end his day!

Fishing picked up on Wednesday with all the boats coming back with at least one billfish and or more than one “table fish”!  These are the kind of days I like, love watching our boats come back with flags flying high!!  We will start with Scott Patterson and El Nuevo who caught and released a Sailfish and also brought in 2 Yellowfin.  Next, Tony Loos and his group fished on Top Gun and caught 6 Yellowfin Tuna and a nice Dorado!  We continue with Marcela and Steven Ramsey on RumRunnin.  Jesus and Jesus worked hard to land them a Sailfish that rose early for a Catch and Release as well as 5 Yellowfin!  Ann Patek and Jason Keller fished with Omar and Oscar on RedRum and for the second consecutive day the boat Caught and Released a Blue Marlin!  They crew also released a Striped Marlin. Lastly, Steven Cokewell fished with Ramon and Julian on ReelRum and brought in 4 Yellowfin Tuna to round out the day!  Awesome day in my opinion!!

After our fishing day on Wednesday Grey’s Taxidermy approached RedRum about a Tag & Release Program they wanted us to participate in and after a quick meeting we knew it was something we wanted to be a part of.  There will be more information about the program in upcoming reports and Facebook updates.  It’s some pretty cool stuff!!

With a goal of showing the proper Tag & Release of a fish we asked Ramon Balzaldua if he would mind having one of the Grey’s Professional anglers go along with him on El Nuevo to initiate the program.  Aside from the dozen Yellowfin they caught they were also able to tag a Sailfish, in which we will be able to track it’s movement for scientific research.  The Balzaldua group also caught 2 nice Dorado!  Thank you guys for allowing such a cool event take place!  We appreciate your cooperation!  Although the other boats that headed out weren’t tagging fish they were definitely bringing them in!  TantRum Caught & Released a Sailfish with the Patin party, Joseph and Kelly Smith brought in 3 Yellowfin aboard RumRunnin and Blair Durham tackled 4 Dorado and 1 Tuna to the boat.  Each Dorado they caught was at least 25 pounds and the largest estimated to be over 40#!  That was on a half-day of fishing!!

Stephen and Judy Kelton fished on RedRum and caught Skipjack, Striped Marlin and Shark, 1 pair of each!!  Jared Field fished on Peleador for a half-day and Caught and Released a Sailfish while Gene Boyette and his group Caught and Released a Sailfish and a Striped Marlin.  They were also able to snag a Dorado for dinner!

Saturday shaped up nicely for the crews and anglers that headed out.  Starting with ReelRum, Ramon and Julian headed out with Mark Wright and Caught and Released 1 Sailfish and 1 Blue Marlin.  They also brought a Shark just close enough to the boat for comfort before cutting the line!!  Ramon doesn’t like sharks!!  The Keltons Caught and Released another Striped Marlin and brought in a nice Yellowfin on their 2nd day out with RedRum.  The Sawtelle Party fished on 19’s Toy and had fun reeling in 3 Yellowfin and a nice Dorado on their day on the water!  Rusty Scott Caught and Released a Sailfish on his day on the water with Captain Moro and Adrenaline.  Lastly Travis Harris and his group Caught and Released a Striped Marlin and landed a tasty Dorado for dinner!

Bad weather shut the port down on Sunday so no report to be had!

Stay tuned for more updates as talk of the new and long awaited Black Betty has started their journey down the Baja!!



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