Cabo San Lucas Fish Report September 21st – 26th

The featured picture for this weeks report is “Black Betty” we recently brought her down the Baja on an awesome trip that started in Ensenada, MX.  Stay tuned for more information regarding chartering this beauty out!  She’s something else!

There will be no slowing down for RedRum boats, managers, dock crews or anglers from here on out!  We love these busy days down here and continue to strive for excellence as we know why most people choose the following months to fish… to land the big ones!!

Monday the boys did a pretty great job at meeting those expectations!  We will start with TantRum and the Jones party.  Although they had a large Blue Marlin spit a hook out they were still able to Catch and Release 2 Sailfish on Jennas (La Jefa) birthday!  Congrats on the catch and Happy Birthday!  ReelRum followed up nicely with a Sailfish that they were able to Catch and Release and a Yellowfin that Tommy Williamson and Judy Allen were able to share for dinner!!  Beat Kuttle, Joe Kelley and Victor Sanchez fished with Oscar and Omar on RedRum and released 4 Billfish that included 2 Striped Marlin and 2 Sailfish.  Travis and Brandy Admire landed a monster Sailfish while fishing with Jesus/Jesus on RumRunnin!  The boys estimated the fish was at least 135#!  The Weems Party had a killer day as well fishing on El Nuevo with Alex and Charly.  They boys were able to land them 2 nice Yellowfin (250 and 90 lbs.) while releasing a Sailfish to end their day!  Great job on  the YFT! Keeping the day red hot, Tanie Bush and her party fished aboard Sniper and had a heck of a catch.  They not only caught 4 Yellowfin, one over 140 lbs. but they were also able to Catch and Release 1 Striped Marlin and 1 Sailfish!  

The fishing stayed hot the following day as all the boats the headed out got into some fish!!  We love these days!  We will start with Top Gun and the Zapalac Party. They landed 3 nice YFT!  One was weighed in at 163 pounds, the other at 135 pounds and the 3rd was estimated to be around 80 pounds!!  That’s a lot of sashimi!!!  Next, Chati and Colleens Magic fished with Bryce Tellesdo and his group.  They were able to Catch and Release 2 Sailfish on their day on the water aboard the beautiful boat!  El Nuevo added more Tuna to the lineup with the Tomachek Trio!  The three of them were able to catch 3 nice YFT one at an estimated 125 pounds!  Henry Luna  and the Wylies fished on RedRum and Caught and Released 1 Blue Marlin and 1 Striped Marlin!  (Omar and Oscar have been doing a great job getting into the Blue Marlin as of lately). Next, TantRum took Cathie and Bryan Keir out for the day and was able to get them into a Sailfish and a Striped Marlin, both for Catch and Release!

TopGun continued to do a great job finding big YFT on Wednesday as Captain Julio landed another 120+ pounder as well as Catching and Releasing a Sailfish for Ben Dellacerra!  The CCA associates Scott Weems fished their 2nd day with us and released a pair of Sailfish while ReelRum and Captain Ramon caught a Blue Marlin!

Friday was the day of Sailfish!!  TantRum, ReelRum, RumRunnin and El Nuevo were able to Catch and Release 1 on a day that was otherwise extremely slow on the marina.  On TantRum we had birthday boy Larry Bringhurst land his, Mark Rothenhoefer took care of the work on RumRunnin, ReelRum put Glenn Miller to work on his Pez Vela and the Schultz party hammered theirs out aboard El Nuevo!

The 26th ReelRum hosted the Sherwood group and they caught 2 Dorado and Released a Striped Marlin.  Mr. Norman although not being able to get out on the water until 10:00 was able to catch and release a nice Sailfish on his first of 2 days fishing with us!

We are full steam ahead here at RedRum!  The excitement in and around our docks and office is something to experience!  This time of the year is our favorite and there is no rest for the weary!  If you have a chance to get away and can get down here quickly you will see what I’m talking about.  The biggest problem will be having a boat available for you to fish on as we are booking like crazy!!

With the addition to Black Betty to our fleet (pricing, details and info) to be released soon we will have another beauty available for the most serious of anglers!  Standby for the details and follow us on Facebook for the latest of updates.

I have also started an Instagram account where I will try to keep everyone up to date on the daily activities in and around the marina follow me @RedRumCabo_Crew

On to the next project,


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