Cabo San Lucas Fish Report-September 6/7

Blake, Gary and TJ from Waco, Texas joined us for two days of fishing aboard El Nuevo RedRum. On day 1 they got into the Yellowfin, but only kept 3 for dinner and also released a Sailfish. On day two they headed up into the Sea of Cortez looking for a big Blue Marlin, but once again got 2 Sailfish. The guys had a great time and really enjoyed the fishing here in Cabo.

Brothers Robert and Steven Browning fished with Javier and Noe on RumRunnin’ and each landed a Sailfish, they also caught 3 Dorado. As you can tell, the Sailfish bite has been pretty wide open. Lots of big Sailfish too!

Siobhan Fox and Jason Uregas fished on the ReelRum and caught 2 Dorado and 1 Striped Marlin. They rented a GoPro and got some awesome footage of the sailfish underwater. I will try to get that video up shortly.

Greer Ingersoll and Jennifer Jennings were back fishing with RedRum for the second time. They were claiming that they would never beat their first experience, but today came close. The first time they were out with us they caught a ton of Tuna and big Blue Marlin if I remember correctly. Well today they only managed 5 Dorado, one being a huge 50lb Bull. But, they had another right up next to the boat that wouldn’t eat. I know, a Dorado that wouldn’t eat, sounds like a fish story right? The guys tried to throw live bait, dead bait, strip bait, everything, wouldn’t eat. Greer and Jennifer told me the Dorado that wouldn’t eat was 1.5x the size of the 50lb fish they caught. WOW!

Jim Jackson, Harvey Haile and Wendall Brewer joined Omar and Omar today. They had an awesome day and almost had a Cabo Grand Slam (three different billfish in a day.) They had a total of 7 Billfish bites on the day and ended up landing 2 Sailfish. They lost two other Sails, lost a Striped Marlin and the one that really hurt was losing a 500+lb Blue Marlin after a 15 minute fight. The 400lb leader snapped, fish and lure were gone! Still a great day and what a sight to see a monster Marlin screaming back and forth on the surface behind the boat, jumping all over the place!!!

Paul and Pat Ferrigno, as well as Mike Poganski finished up their 3rd day of fishing with 5 Dorado! Almost filled both coolers this trip, but not quite! See you guys in December!

Bryant boys are back! Dennis, Tim, Nathan and Matt are back for their 4th or 5th year with RedRum and had an awesome day fishing with Alex and Jesus on the El Nuevo! Alex was the second or third boat on a big school of Porpoise and decided to troll lures around to see where the Tuna were. He got two huge bites right off the bat and one of them stuck good. Dennis fought for close to an hour and had the big Yellowfin as close to the boat as 20 feet before it started peeling off line again. After a long run and three big head shakes by the Tuna, the line went slack and the big Tuna was free. Alex thought it was probably in the 150-200lb class. They did manage to catch 10 other Yellowfin and 2 Dorado.

My good buddy Traun Lynch and his pals from the Cayman Islands came to try things RedRum style. They got a Striped Marlin, 1 Dorado, and 5-6 Tuna. Traun should have some great video from the GoPro.

Andy Hamerlinch, Dara Trusner and David Trifeletti had an awesome day on the 7th bringing in 5 Yellowfin, 4 Dorado and 1 huge 98″ Sailfish!

Finally, Ryan Chapline and Todd Marr had a great day with Omar and Americo on the RedRum, they landed 5 Tuna and 4 Dorado!

Game Day, Go Frogs!

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