Cabo San Lucas Fish Report September 7th – 13th

For those of you that know about fishing in Cabo during the months of September, October and November you know how crazy it gets down here!  From getting boats primed for the bigger fish to rigging boats up for tournament season things “turn up a notch” so to speak.  So again, I apologize for the delay on the report  but here we go!!! :

We started off the week of the 7th on a decent note with TantRum bringing in the most flags!  The Parker group found a small school of Yellowfin Tuna and were able to bring 3 of them to the boat as well as wrestle in a Sailfish for a Catch and Release.  Our good buddy Bryan and Heidi Moore fished with their amigos Oscar and Omar on RedRum and caught 2 Yellowfin and one of 2 of Christopher Pachecos group caught a Stripe Marlin aboard RumRunnin.  

Some foul weather that came in from the Pacific caused the port to close down on the 8th and the 9th leaving the boats docked and anglers not too thrilled about having to spend time at their hotel pools, spas and roaming around town for the day instead of fishing!!

This brings us to Thursday the 10th and again Captain Juan on TantRum came in with flags ah’ hanging high!!  He fishing with Timothy and Jacqueline Holdren, true anglers!!  These 2 brought their “A Game” down with them during their few days out with us.  They were able to Catch and Release 4 Striped Marlin on their first day!  Meanwhile, the Moore’s got on some more Yellowfin with Oscar and Omar aboard RedRum!!  Part of the Pacheco fished on RumRunnin and Caught and Released a Sailfish!  Michael Beam and his group fished aboard El Nuevo and Top Gun and in total were able to Catch and Release 1 Blue Marlin, 2 Striped Marlin and kept 2 Yellowfin Tuna! Jeff Rabb and his party headed out with Captain Gaba and Mate Noe on 19’s Toy and Caught and Released a Striped Marlin as well.  The crew on Colleen’s Magic had a solid day with Steve Bostron and party; Catching and Releasing 1 Striped Marlin and one nice sized Sailfish.  Captain Moro on Adrenaline took out CCA associate Chris Olexa and his party and hooked them into a Sailfish that they were able to bring up to the boat for quick pictures and a release!  Humberto Salazar had the most impressive charter of the day while fishing on Peleador. He and his wife were able to Catch and Release 6 Sailfish and 1 Stripe Marlin.  Yes, 6!!!

10 boats headed out on Friday and I would have to say it was pretty decent fishing for most.  The Weller party fished with Juan and Humberto on TantRum and fought a Marlin for almost half an hour before the fish got smart and spit the hook!  Sara and Beth Winkleman had a great day fishing with Ramon and Julian on ReelRum.  The ladies were able to Catch and Release 2 Striped Marlin (103′ & 101″) as well as a 92″ Sailfish.  Our 35′ Never Give Up along with Captain “Chito” headed out with Chris Sxhwartz and his group.  Mate Danny did one heck of a job during their day as he was able to help them Catch and Release 1 Blue Marlin and 2 Striped Marlin.  The Blue was an estimated 300 lbs!  Gio Nancy and his party (true “party”) fished aboard 3rd Degree and Caught and Released a Striped Marlin as well while the Holdren couple Caught and Released 2 more billfish, this time Sailfish.  They were also able to haul in 2 Yellowfin Tuna.  Dan Kriznic head heard how well Peleador did the previous day and decided to give them a shot after walking in our office while the Mr. Salazar was walking us through his day.  Mr. Kriznic was glad he booked when he did becyase he ended up Catching and Releasing 4 Sailfish and 1 Striped Marlin!  Peleador, on fire!!

Never Give Up had another solid day on Saturday the 12th Catching and Releasing another Blue Marlin as well as another Striped Marlin with the Haux party! The Schwartz party fished with Juan on TantRum and caught a nice Dorado for dinner, first one we’d seen in a week or so!  Michael Beam fished one more day aboard TopGun and were able to Catch and Release a Sailfish and a Striped Marlin!  Jeff Rabb and his party gave it their last shot on 19’s Toy and were glad they did as Captain Gaba put them on 3 Striped Marlin and a Blue!  Great job guys!!

Brian Jackson and his son had a great day fishing with the Jesus’ on RumRunnin on Sunday!  Mr. Jackson was able to have the great opportunity of watching his son reel in his first billfish!  1 of 3 of the day after releasing their Striped Marlin they went on to Catch and Release 2 Sailfish!! Dan Donahue fished aboard ReelRum and Caught and Released a pair of Striped Marlin while fishing with Captain Ulysses and Julian.  My soon to be married good buddy Danny Galvan from McAllen, TX brought down a crew of friends for a bachelor party including his brother Carlos, cousins Omar and Miguel Garza and good buddy DJ Suggs.  I was lucky enough to head out with them on 19’s Toy and we had a great time! Although the weather didn’t cooperate too much in the morning the fishing was great as we were able to Catch and Release 2 beautiful Sailfish!  The first one, Danny got to take care of on his own but was kind enough to let the rest of the gang have a run on the 2nd one!  Great time guys and congrats Danny on your upcoming wedding!

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