Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – TGIF!!!!

Friday started out great with the Gay party, Robert, Brandon and Steven along with buddy Jim fished aboard Tantrum for a full day. These guys won a trip through Walleye’s for kids. That are happy they did! Robert and Steve each caught and released a Striped Marlin. Robert booked again another day, so hopefully their luck will be just as good next time!

We did have one casualty on Friday, Jeremy Walling and his crew headed out on Reelrum for a 1/2 day. They opted to leave later in the morning at 10AM. Unfortunately this could be a bad thing if the bite is on in the morning hours, and it is hard to get far offshore in only 5 hours. I did not have the opportunity to speak with them when they came back, I hope they at least enjoyed their day on the ocean!!

Cathy and James Peitz, Steve & Peggy Stout, Kevin and Connie Tveidt and Pete and Patty Bunce all boarded Colleen’s Magic 38′ Blackfin for the day. They had a lot of fun catching 4 Yellowfin Tuna and a Dorado.

Randy Arnzen and Terry Perrine went out on RedRum for a full day with Cappy Omar and Noe. They had a great day, catching & releasing FOUR Striped Marlin. They were not at ALL tired when they got back to the dock!

Ryan and John Donovan, owners of RedRum went out on El Nuevo for some early morning fishing, by the time they got into the Tuna, it was time to turn around and come back home. They weren’t complaining, they still boated 6 Yellowfin TUna.

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