Cabo San Lucas Fish Report Weekend Edition………..

It is another beautiful weekend in Cabo and Santa is making his way to town! The fishing has remained good except for one lone boat Tantrum, sorry to the Kubiceks who did not have much luck out there, no idea what happened. In Spanish we call is “salado” which translates to “salty”, apparently it means unlucky. Maybe that was the case for them, but if they return, I will be sure to do my “catching” dance for them to throw some luck their way!

Today was the first day our little Bruin went out fishing with Dad Ryan and Grampy John Donovan. They had an awesome day on the water catching Dorado, Wahoo and later in the day releasing a couple of Striped Marlin. Bruin was of course back home by then, but check out the huge Dorado he helped bring in earlier in the day…..

Charles n Charles Benitez were out on ReelRum for a half day for young Gavin’s birthday. He had a great day catching plenty of Spanish Mackerel, they boated 15 in all, they also caught a Dorado and lost a Striped Marlin. A pretty eventful day for the birthday boy!

Bob and Jake Sutherland were aboard RumRunnin for the day with the Jesus’. They had a great day catching 2 Dorado and releasing a Striped Marlin.

Jessica and Eric Eiben, James Worcester, Alex Gasca and Collin Fray were on board RedRum with Omar and Noe for another 1/2 day trip. These guys did awesome catching 2 Wahoo and 3 Dorado.

Dwight Chen and son were out on the panga Killer for a 1/2 day. Little Chen was a little upset because he only caught a small Dorado. Thats not too bad for his first time out, hopefully next time he will have a better haul!

Seth and Jan Kubicek were the only casualties of the day. They were aboard Tantrum and had no luck at all. In Mexico that is called “salado” or “salty” which really means unlucky……

Sunday we had Monica Bellot back out with us along with Louis Anzalone. They did a 1/2 day aboard RumRunnin with the Jesus’. They had a great day with Louis releasing a Sailfish and Monica catching a couple of Dorado.

Chris and Sheri Jackson, RedRum veterans were back with us aboard El Nuevo with Alex and Jesus. They had a great day catching Dorado. Chris caught a large 50″ Dorado which he made into a trophy as a reminder of his day on the water.

The Redlingshafer family was out with us on the Marlin Queen with Captain Dani and mate Chito. They had fun with Joe releasing a 140lb Striped Marlin and everybody else reeling in a nice Dorado.

Well, amigos, that about sums it up for the weekend review, thanks for reading!


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