Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Weekend Review

Hey guys! Sorry for my lack of getting these reports out in a timely manner, the State of Baja has decided not to issue paper fishing licenses anymore, so it is making it a lot busier here in the office when I have to create each license one by one….. Well, it is what it is folks, once I get the hang of it I will be able to do it a lot faster – I HOPE 🙂

Jeremy Niuman and his group fished for the second time this Friday aboard the Marlin Queen, they caught 6 Yellowtail.

Don Faught and his friends fished aboard ReelRum for a full day, they caught a NICE 63 inch Wahoo.

Chris and Katie Jarstead headed out on Tantrum for the day and caught 2 nice sized Roosterfish.

Melanie and Matt Graves were back with us this year with some friends after having gotten skunked last year. I had HIGH hopes for them in the morning before they left the office. I hate to report that they came back once again empty handed. They were not too happy about their fate, but we hope IF they decide to give us another try, we can fill their cooler with fish!

Rhonda Maywald and her group were here with us on a Play and Stay Package in conjunction with their local CCA chapter. They fished for two days and caught 8 Roosterfish on Thursday and released 2 Marlin day 2.

John Lewis and his crew had an amazing day aboard 19’s Toy, they caught 5 Roosters and released 2 Marlin.David Rychlowski boarded RedRum on Friday with his buddies for Jon Jeager’s Bachelor party – best wishes Jon! No idea what they caught, if anything, I failed to write it down, but I do remember that they had a good time!

Nathan Wilson who came to Cabo to get married chartered 3 boats with his friends and family. They had an awesome day catching a total of 7 Striped Marlin, most of which were released.

Greg Stroud and his family of 4 had a great day aboard Tantrum with each family member releasing a Striped Marlin.

Larry and Janet McIntyre fished on one of our partner boats with Captain Antonio, she sent me their fish report via e-mail: “I caught an 8 ½ foot/150 lb. Striped Marlin; it took only 20 minutes to bring it in. Thanks to the captain maneuvering the boat and making the fight less hectic! We took pictures and released the beautiful fish. How exciting!!Then my husband, Larry, caught a HUGE Dorado (5 feet long) and we took more pictures! I caught one too – mine was 3 feet long. Shortly after that we hooked two Amber Jacks that were as big as my kitchen table. More pictures and more realeases. At one point I hooked a Sailfish and fought for a while before he broke the line.” Needless to say, they had a GREAT day!!

Larry Blomquist and his crew who were also here on a Play & Stay package, fished aboard El Nuevo Saturday and Sunday and caught and released 4 Striped Marlin.

Jessica Scheonig and friend Marjorie fished on Tantrum for a 1/2 day, they got lucky and were able to catch 2 Striped Marlin in that short time!

Peter Bachman and his wife along with son Nico, fised on board one of our Pangas with Captain Carlos. Nico was WAY more than excired to have caught 2 Bonita and a Roosterfish. Collectively, they caught 4 more Roosterfish and a Jack Crevalle.

Sam and Jessica Bochenek fished on ReelRum for a full day and each caught and released a Striped Marlin, first Billfish for both of them!!

The Enoch’s were back in Cabo fishing with us again this year aboard the Marlin Queen. They caught a Wahoo and released a Striped Marlin.

Chanda and Wade Abbot boarded Colleen’s Magic and had a good day, releasing 2 Striped Marlin.

Last but not least, we hat Pat Cardenas and his crew fish aboard two boats Sunday. On RumRunnin, these gys caught a 70lb Dorado, that’s right 70 LBS! They promise to send a photo. The guys on RedRum caught a nice 63″ Wahoo.

Overall, a pretty good weekend for our anglers.

Thank you for reading!


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