Cabo San Lucas Fish Report Weekend Review

This weekend was pretty typical as far as the up and down fishing has been here in Cabo this month. But it was not all bad!

Robert and Mary Lemburg fished aboard Rumrunnin for a full day Friday and caught a Mako Shark. They did not do too bad on Sunday either, catching a Striped Marlin.

Todd and Sabrina Grisier and Jeff Noffsinger fished aboard RedRum for the day. They decided to stay along the inshore on the Cortez side. They had some awesome luck, finding a school of Roosterfish and caught and released about 9. They also caught a needlefish and some SkipJack.

Greg Nichols and his group headed out on 19’s Toy with Captain Gava. They had a great time out there, but had no luck fishing.

Jesal Patel and his group headed out on Colleens Magic for the day. They did not check in to the office, but by the flags on the boat it looks like they caught some SkipJack and a couple of Yellowtail.

The Gustafson’s, fished on Tantrum for 2 days. They fished on Thursday and had no luck, they were back on Saturday and had some better luck. Joel and Corey both caught and released a Striped Marlin. Dad Erik was pleased to see his son’s catch some fish!

Tony Brazas and buddies Tim, Jeffrey and Joel boarded ReelRum Thursday and Friday. Friday, they had 2 Roosterfish to the boat, but nada and on Saturday they caught a nice Yellowtail and a Spanish Mackerel.

Raymond Villari and Jane MacMahon went out on RedRum for the day. A really nice couple who also did not have any luck, but nonetheless enjoyed their time on the water.

Veteran RedRum angler Scott Freeman along with buddies Larry, Howard and James boarded El Nuevo for the day. They cruised about 36 miles strait out of the CSL tip. They caught 3 Dorado and 3 SkipJack.

Chad Minix and his crew were down here for his wedding and everybody went out fishing for the day aboard two boats, RedRum and RumRunnin. The boats were in the same area looking for fish. RedRum caught some SkipJack and released 3 Striped Marlin. RumRunnin did not have such luck. They came back empty handed. This just goes to show, no matter what, the boat may be right there in the same spot where another boat is catching fish, using the same technique and sometimes, you just don’t catch one. We sure do hate it when it happens.

Dennis Carroll, another RedRum veteran angler and Karen Park headed out on ReelRum for the day and they too were out of luck. They did have fun though and complimented how hard their crew worked, despite the results.

Thomas Ashton and his crew headed out on El Nuevo for the day. They had some luck catching a Striped MArlin and a bunch of Skipjack. They said they had a Dorado on, but lost it.

Jed Ritchey and buddies Dric and Tucker headed out on one of our partner boats for the day. They also caught and released a Striped Marlin an d pulled in some SkipJack.

Thank you guys for reading my fish report. I know we are ALL hoping it will start to get more interesting REALLY soon!!


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