Cabo San Lucas Fish Report Weekend Style

Hola amigos! Fishing is still pretty much the same, though there are TONS of Marlin out there, whether or not they want to take the bait is anther questions all together!

Pete Greiner was back fishing with us again and brought along buddies James, Mark and Brandon. They fished aboard RedRum for a full day and caught and released 2 Striped Marlin. Mark says his was prettier, but James bragged that his was bigger.

Dana Booth and buddies were down on a Stay & Play package and fished for 3 days aboard El Nuevo. They had a great time fishing and caught Lots of SkipJack, Yellowtail, Spanish Mackerel and they released 2 Striped Marlin.

Heath and Amanda Maddux, Hannah and Jeff Eubanks and Aaron and Crystal Belote boarded Fearless for a full day with Captain Benito. They had a nice day and released a nice sized Striped Marlin.

Steven Cornett and William Williams headed out for a full day on Tantrum Sunday and Steven caught and released a nice 180 lb Striped Marlin, his first ever bill fish!

Tim and Frank Hilardies along with Denise and Arthur Ramirez were out on RedRum for the day. They caught an Amber Jack and a boat load of SkipJack.

Jay O’Conner, Tony Whittaker and Jeff Lowry fished aboard ReelRum for the day and caught a Dorado.

Carson Sweet and his crew fished aboard RedRum for a 1/2 day and also caught a Dorado.

Ted Miller and his party took on two of our boats, RumRunnin and El Nuevo. Together they had a great day with Nuevo releasing 2 Striped Marlin and catching a Mako Shark and Skip Jack and RUmRUnnin catching a Mako Shark.

Lastly, we had Justin Beck and buddies on board the Marlin Queen for the day, they caught a nice sized Striped Marlin.

Thank you for reading!!!


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