Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Weekend Update

Hey guys, as Ryan said, we are SOO busy in the office it is really hard to get to these reports, so sorry if you wanted to see your name up here, if that is the case, PLEASE post a comment, we would love to have your input on here!

Friday was actually a slow day around here, our boats were not catching as many Dorado as they have been, they were not actually jumping directly into the boats, some anglers were disappointed since the fishing has been so overwhelmingly good, but all we can say is that is fishin’! Fortunately nobody was skunked. That is a good thing. We did have a big catch today, with the Chen Party fishing out on Duetto with captain Abel, they released a 500lb Blue Marlin late in the day.

Saturday, it picked back up and boats were catching their limit in Dorado, nice size ones too. We had a couple of Sailfish and Wahoo, we did have one boat venture out to the Cortez side targeting Tuna, and boy did they find them! They caught over 30 Yellowfin and said every time the line went in the water they hooked one, they found the sweet spot!

John and Ryan Donovan along with buddy Ash Pickering fished the Los Barrilles Tournament on board RedRum. They unfortunately had no luck in the first of 4 Tournaments this month, but this is just a warm up for the big games, there will be plenty more action this month, we can’t wait!

The big news of Saturday was the big Blue Marlin catch with the Malinowski party aboard Fearless. They caught a 550 pound Blue which died in the fight. Check out the Blue Marlin…..

Sunday was another great day with lots of Dorado again, 1 lone Yellowfin and Reid Lorne and his buds caught a 300lb Blue Marlin which they released, had another Blue on the line which they could only guess was upwards of 500lbs due to the sheer strength it took them to get it to the boat before they lost it. Hopefully, I will get some pics up to post on here, so at least we can see some of the nice Dorado that are being caught. I just got a Dorado pic from Lorne Reid, here it is!

Thanks for reading!!


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