Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Weekend Wonderful :)

Friday Jim Phelps was out for the fifth time, this time with buddy Dan Taber. They had a great day aboard RumRunnin catching 5 Dorado, a Spanish Mackerel and releasing a 120lb Striped Marlin.

Conny and Katrina Lindholm hailing all the way from Sweden went out for a half day of fishing aboard ReelRum. They had a lot of fun catching 4 Dorado.

Mark Baldwin and his crew were back at it again this time aboard El Nuevo with Captain Alex and Mate Jesus. They went out passed the Lighthouse on the Pacific side and got into a huge school of Porpoise where they boated 17 Yellowfin Tuna and 3 Bonita.

Our buddy Captain Ron Hunter with fellow anglers, Chuck Grandstand, John Moe and Ted Henrichs were off on RedRum with captain Omar & mate Noe. These guys had an awesome day reeling in 15 Yellowfin Tuna.

Saturday was another great day for the Yellowfin as James Frary and his crew found out aboard RedRum. They caught 14 Yellowfin.

Kevin Newell, John Childs and Jason Beyer were aboard ReelRum for the day. For some reason I do not have the report of what they caught, but I do remember they too caught a ton of Yellowfin.

Rich Nobles and Tom Hendrickson were on El Nuevo for the day with Alex and Jesus. They had an amazing day catching 2 Striped Marlin, releasing one, unfortunately one died in the fight, so they kept him. They lost 2 Dorado and boated 10 Yellowfin.

Sunday was a good day too, but I don’t know where all those Yellowfin were hiding! Scott Perkins and his crew were out on Colleen’s Magic for a full day and caught and released 2 Striped Marlin (Cecile caught the bigger one :)), a Blue Marlin (caught by Art) believe it or not, a big one too, the Captain told me he must have been around 300 lbs. They also had a birthday boy on board, Brian who caught a Dorado and Scott caught him a Wahoo. Great day for these folks.

Nick Scalbrino went out on ReelRum for the Day solo. He said it was pretty slow all day until he finally landed his trophy Striped Marlin. Congrats Nick!

Gerry Gerard, Todd Kelner and Richard Smith, the III & IV headed out on RedRum for the day with Omar and Noe. They caught a lone Dorado. They have three more days to catch up, and with the Yellowfin I KNOW still out there, it is bound to happen!

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  • I was aboard Colleen’s Magic on Sunday with Scott Perkins’ crew and caught the big Blue Marlin.

    The Captain and his mate were superb fishermen. Bringing in a 300 lb. Blue Marlin on 30 lb. test line took real coordination between the two. I have never fished for Marlin before, and they were experts at helping a novice like me.

    We were headed in at the end of the day when two Marlin hit. One was able to release the hook immediately. The other broke the leader. The Captain circled back and we hooked a third fish. The mate set the hook, and we were on for a fight! The Captain was able to back the boat toward the fish whenever he took a run. Several times we came close to the end of the spool. The mate constantly kept checking the line tension to make sure we didn’t break the light tackle.

    The fight lasted 45 min. with at least 10 runs, the Marlin breaking the surface a number of times. In the end, we were both near exhaustion. The mate brought the Marlin around to the side of the boat so he could see the length of the fish. Because we were catch & release, he didn’t use the gaff. The Marlin was too heavy for him to hoist into the boat by himself, which is probably a good thing. Having a fish that big loose in the back of the boat could have been pretty dangerous! As the mate reached to remove the hook, the fish rolled and broke the leader, and he was free again.

    This was definitely the thrill of a lifetime. Mucho thanks to the Captain and Mate – and to Scott for setting this fishing trip up!

    Fantastic fun.

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