Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Weekend Wrap Up

And what a great weekend it was, especially comparing to last weekend!!

Bruce Smith brought along work mates and they fished aboard two boats, RumRUnnin and RedRum for a full day on Friday. They had a great time out there and caught a couple of Yellowtail and Bonita.

William and Marcus Diehl were out on ReelRUm for the full day Friday and had a great day catching 4 Yellowtail, 1 Dorado a Spanish Mackerel and some Skip Jack.

Nathan Miller and crew were back at it for a second time on Friday aboard Tantrum. They caught a bunch of SkipJacks and 7 Yellowtail. They had a great time.

Gary Uecker and son Bryan were here to fish for 3 days aboard El Nuevo RedRUm with Cappy Alex and Jesus. They had their sights set on Marlin. Day 1, Friday, they had no luck, day 2 they caught 2 Striped Marlin and had the same luck day 3. So, 4 Striped Marlin in all, what a great trip for them. Check out the photo of one of the Striped Marlin.Brian Uecker

Kelley and Gordon Pettis fished aboard Tantrum for a 1/2 day Saturday. They caught 7 Yellowtail, 2 got away.

Gregory Bailey and buddy Clay Kartes fished for 2 days aboard ReelRum this Saturday and Sunday. Day one they brought along Clay’s wife, Ronalyn and they enjoyed catching 14 Yellowtail. Sunday they caught the same amount of Yeloowtail, but released some and also caught 6 Spanish Mackerel.

Gary and Cheryl Gilileo along with friends Rich and Kathy Foster fished aboard Colleen’s Magic for 2 days. They had a great time day one with Cheryl catching her first ever Marlin, a Striped that was around 270lbs (that is what the Captain told me!) and Rich and Kathy each catching another. Gary reeled in a nice Dorado. Sunday, they fished on the inshore and caught some Yellowtail, Spanish Mackerel and a ton of SkipJack. They will be back and we will be happy to have them!!

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