Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Weekender

Matt Russell and Amanda Kearney here celebrating their honeymoon decided to go out on ReelRum for the day with Ramon and Juan. They experienced a little sea-sickness so had to come back early, but still caught a Yellowfin and a couple of Bonita.

Chad Wagner and Justine Textor headed out on RumRunnin for a full day with Cappy Jesus 3 and Mate Omar. They had a great day, catching 10 Yellowfin Tuna and LOTS of Bonita.

John Elkjer and his crew, Ed Cowdrey, Jeff Myers and Brian Thomas were back out on the water after having started their trip on Thursday aboard the Marlin Queen. They got capt. Danny back out on the boat and enjoyed their trip, catching 2 Dorado and a Yellowfin.

After having a great day on Thursday, Bob, Mike and Rob Corbine and Bryan Bazydle, headed out for a second time on Tantrum (Thursday they caught 9 Yellowfin & a Marlin), today they had no such luck only catching a sea turtle …. 🙁 He was ok, they let him go.

Teresa and Elgin Lee along with Robert and Dana Peavey who were here on one of our Stay and Play Packages in conjunction with the CCA had a great day catching 10 Yellowfin to add to the 2 Dorado and 8 other Yellowfin they caught on Thursday.

Tim Graber, Jeff Babcock, Bob Dumm and Chris McDonough were back at it on Big Papi Saturday. They caught 3 Yellowfin and 7 Bonita. Jeff came back in the office SOAKING wet after having fallen into the Harbor with a fish on his head…… They had a great time!

Jason Hamm, Nick Todaro, Hal Brockett, and Ryan McNeel started off their first of two days fishing with us on our 33′ El Nuevo with Captain Alex and Jesus. They had a great day with Hal catching a 160lb Striped Marlin of which he had a replica made to hang on his wall at home. They also caught 8 Yellowfin and a Dorado.

Brian Ohearn and his crew headed out on two different boats for the day. Crew # 1 went out on ReelRum but they were back pretty early due to a little sea sickness, they caught a bunch of Skipjack. Brian led the other crew aboard RedRum and they had some luck withe the Yellowfin, boating 8 and they also caught mucho Skipjack.

Lastly, we had Lee Mills and Sydney Chang ready to fish for a 1/2 day aboard Tantrum with Cappy Manuel and Mate Edgar. They had an amazing day, catching and releasing THREE Sailfish AND a Striped Marlin. And to think, they ALMOST did not make it out because Sidnee was a little under the weather first thing, I know they are glad they went!

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