Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Weekender

Sharon and Tim Badders, Cal and Lindsay Vardeman and Shannon and Kristen Conklin were here on one of our play and Stay packages in conjunction with their local CCA for two days of fishing aboard our 19’s Toy day one where they caught a Dorado and Tim and Cal caught a Striped Marlin Each. Check Cal out….Cal's marlin They also caught a nice sized Dorado (this was on Thursday). Now Friday they were on board El Nuevo with Alex and Jesus and Lindsay and Sharon both landed a Striped Marlin. Check Sharon out with her Marlin.Sharon's marlin They also caught some Sierra. They had a lot of fun and we hope to see them next year!

Rachel Rodriguez and Adam Cewe opted for a 1/2 day aboard ReelRum, maybe they did not have enough time, but they did not get a Marlin on the line, that is what they were hoping for.

Paul Dunlap and son Toby fished for a second time on Friday aboard 19’s Toy and caught a Striped Marlin.

Our buddy Joe Assenza and wife Karen were on board RedRum for the day and Karen caught a nice Striped Marlin.

Steve and Scott Hunter and Gary Salinas who just returned from Afganistan, fished aboard RumRunnin with the Jesus’s and caught 2 Striped Marlin on Friday. Way to go guys! Check them out in the photo, we appreciate your service to our country and are so happy you guys had a great day!Scott n Gary

Alyson and Cody Palmer went out on El Nuevo RedRUm and released a Striped Marlin on Saturday.

April Green and Cody Metz, a really sweet couple from Texas released a 150 lb Striped Marlin on board ReelRum.

Becky Byrd and Brad Fredrick fished aboard the MQ for a 1/2 day and had no luck getting in the Marlin.

The Spocks, Jeremy, Brian and Robert fished for two days aboard Tantrum. Day 1 they did good, releasing a Striped Marlin and catching a Dorado and a couple of Jack Crevalle. Day two, well they were not so lucky.

I have to mention that day 2 was Sunday and it started off rough. The Port Captain Closed the Port due to heavy winds and it was COLD here in Cabo that morning……. It opened up promptly at 7.15AM and we were off!

The wind, cold and currents did affect our water here a bit as we had three of our boats come back empty handed Sunday. Including the Spocks.

Steve Beyeler and his crew fished a 1/2 day and managed to reel in a Striped Marlin, as did the Kloppenbergs who fished aboard one of our partner boats and Shery Jackson and her crazy clan who are here on one of our Play & Stay packages in conjunction with her local SEA chapter.

We did have a Panga boat carrying April Green and beau Cody that had an excellen 1/2 day really close in. They caught 4 Roosters and Sierra. I think the Panga had it today!!

Well guys, that wraps up the weekend tale. I hope this ocean shift does not continue to affect the fishing. We will let you know!!

Thanks for reading.


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