Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report- May 30th

Hola amigos, sorry the fishing reports have been infrequent. Tiffany gets back from vacation tomorrow and you all know that she is excellent at keeping these reports up to date. Dad and I have been running the shop on our own, so we’re a little shorthanded without our right hand gal,Tiff, keeping things flowing in the office.

Well, it hasn’t been the best of weeks for us here at RedRum. Fishing has been phenomenal, but we got bit with the bad luck bug on boat engines. As many of you know, we keep a full-time mechanic, Rene, on staff to make sure that the boats we send you out on everyday are in the best condition possible. That being said, even preventative maintenance can’t prevent everything. Furthermore, we were hit with the “Rule of 3,” as in bad news always comes in 3’s. 3 different boats, 3 different problems. We apologize for the inconvenience to those that were effected, but luckily none of the issues had any impact on our clients and they were all able to continue fishing, no problems there. Hopefully, we got all the bad luck out and we’ll be good for a while.

Now to the good stuff. Marlin are still all over the place now, right in between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific at a spot we call the “95.” This spot is only about 10 miles offshore and the last few days we have been hooking 5-6 Marlin per day, per boat. Captains have been reporting seeing up to 100 tailers a day out there. Why are we seeing 100 Marlin and only catching 2,3,4 a day? The Marlin are gorging themselves on squid right now, and getting them to eat live or dead baits or lures has been a game that takes a lot of finesse. Ryan Reppond, from Lake Charles, LA fished by himself on the RedRum Monday with Captain Omar and he caught and released 4 Striped Marlin. I bet those forearms were burning on Tuesday morning. Franca Dicenso and Tanya Vaizian (first time offshore angler,) fished on the RumRunnin’ today and they too caught 4 Marlin. Here they are, sporting their Boston Strong shirts, with the boat in the background.


A few Dorado and some nice sized Mako sharks (50-100lb) are also in the same area.

The inshore bite has been fantastic as well. We have 65-66 degree water on the Pacific and fish (Yellowtail) holding near the Lighthouse, which is just a few miles north of the Marina. Going the other way, into the Sea of Cortez, we have 75-77 degree water, with fish (Roosterfish, Sierra, and few snappers and groupers) anywhere from Santa Maria to the Palmilla.

With fish so close to the marina on both sides of the cape, our anglers are getting a chance to run up and grab some Yellowtail then cruise back around for a shot at some Roosters. With the Roosterfish being a big-time bucket list fish for a lot of anglers, we’ve had some really happy folks recently. Pictured below is a happy angler who caught her first Roosterfish!


We have to also mention Craig Thompson who was down in Cabo for his son Dan and now daughter in law Kelleys wedding. They fished two days, on Tuesday Craig fished with Dan, Mike, Scott, and Josh and on Thursday his buddy Ron joined him and caught a NICE Striped Marlin, check out the photo below! We would like to wish all the best to Dan and Kelley, we hope the best for your future together!! Back Camera

Now’s a great time to be down in Cabo, then again, when isn’t it!


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