Cabo San ucas Fish Report – March 13&14

Hey guys! Now, this is not really MY fish report because I was not here these two days, but I will report to the best of my ability!!

Gary Gordon and crew were back out for the second time on Wednesday aboard ReelRum. They caught and released 2 Striped Marlin that they caught on the Cortez side out by the Gordo Bank.

Gary and Lori Lanser boarded RedRum for a full day with Omar and Noe. They enjoyed catching and releasing a Striped Marlin.

The Crockett family along with friends Nicole and Ashley were off on 19’s Toy for a full day with Captain Gaba. They had a ggod day, catching Yellowfin Tuna.

The Warren Family, Clark Osborn, Brian Mcfarland and Martin Howell went out on the Marlin Queen for a full day. Captain Danny and Mate Chito did a good job catching them a total of 6 Yellowfin Tuna.

Chance and Austin Wagstaff, Ian Gillespie and Jake were out on RumRunnin for a second trip this week with the Jesus’s. They caught 20 Yellowfin.

Ed and Beau Burbach boarded Colleen’s Magic for the day. they had a great day, catching 13 Yellowfin Tuna and 1 Dorado.

Tim and Chris DeMarco went out on one of our partner boats for the day after having a slow day of fishing on Sunday. Thank goodness we found the Tuna and so did they! We gave Captain Felipe the coordinates to find the Tuna, and boy did they they also caught 20 Yellowfin.

Jason and Larissa Duke along with Brian and Coroline Nowell were here fishing aboard EL Nuevo RedRum after having bought a fishing package at their local CCA banquet. They fished two days, Wednesday and Thursday and caught 20 Yellowfin Tuna and 5 Dorado.

Father and son team Sean and Ian Ashley were back at it again on Thursday, this time aboard Redrum. They had an awesome day with Ian catching his first ever billfish, a nice size Striped Marlin that he released, Dad Sean also released a Striped Marlin and they caught 3 Dorado, nice Dorado too! Check out the photos of proud Ian with his Marlin and a Dorado.photophoto(1)

John Dusek, David Naples James Halbur and Jackie Scroggs headed out on Tantrum for a full day of fishing with Juan and Christian. They also had a great day catching their limit in Yellowfin.

John and Chase Turcotte fished on ReelRum for a 1/2 day with Ramon and Julian. They had a great 5 hours on the water catching 12 Yellowfin, 2 of which, were released.

Marshall and Diane Hoff, Wanda and Dennis Lande and Susan and Bill Schlinsog fished with the Jesus’s aboard RumRunnin and had a great day too, catching 25 Yellowfin Tuna.

So folks, looks like the Tuna are definitely sticking around for a little while and the fishing is looking pretty good! So get here and fish!

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