December 2018 – Fish Report

December fishing has been awesome guys! The Striped Marlin bite is just insane right now. Boats looking for Marlin have been catching 3-6 Marlin per day locally and those willing to make the run up to the Finger Banks, off Todos Santos, double digit releases were the norm. Captain Ramon Agundez and his Mate Marcos hold the RedRum record for this season, with 23 Striped Marlin releases one day. Their anglers were worn out before noon and asked if they could please go inshore to try to catch some Dorado. These Striped Marlin are stacked up on a big ledge that comes up to about 300 ft, with 6000ft of water surrounding it. The Stripers work in schools of 5-10 fish to herd the Greenback Mackerel. Once they have the bait ball nice and tight they will push the bait to the surface where they have one less direction to escape. From there it’s a beautifully orchestrated and methodical feeding frenzy where each Marlin takes a turn barging through the bait ball gorging themselves on all the Mackerel they can. At any one time throughout the day you might see 10 different groups of “feeders” up on the surface. The Stripers are so focused on the frenzy that they pay little attention to boat noise and commotion, and while you’d think they would have nothing to do with a trolled or pitched bait or lure, that’s not the case at all. Typically we bait fish for the Mackerel when we first get up there and pitch live baits to the feeders, but when it’s really firing up there it doesn’t matter what you do. We’ve caught them up there this year on ballyhoo, lures, and even skipping dead Mackerel. If you haven’t had the opportunity to fish the Finger Banks area while here in Cabo it needs to be added to the bucket list. Last year the fish stayed on the Finger Bank until February, so you’ve still got time to come down and make it happen!

As for the gamefish, the Dorado bite slowed down just a bit, but the Yellowfin bite took over. Those looking to catch some meat fish the past few weeks have been slaying the school size Tuna, often bringing back their limit of 5 per person. In addition to the schoolie size fish several boats found better quality Yellowfin in the 30-60lb range last week, and Captain Ulises on El Nuevo RedRum had a killer day with a triple hook-up on a 220lb, a 180lb, and a 160lb Yellowfin. While the Yellowfin kept us busy, we still had several days of good Dorado fishing mixed in during the month and even some nice Wahoo.

Forecast for the next month looks really good as well. We should still see plenty of Striped Marlin up at the Finger and Golden Gate Banks, and locally at the 95 and Lighthouse Banks as well. I’m also anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Sardines here in Cabo. They should be starting to show up any day and when they do the Yellowfin fishing literally right in front of the Arch is super fun. The fish are smaller, in the 10-20lb range, but you are fishing sardines on small hooks and light line so it makes it a fun challenge. My kids look forward to Christmas, like all kids, because of the presents from Santa, but also because they know the Sardine fishing season comes around the same time of year. If you have a young kid that you want to get introduced to offshore fishing but you are worried about how they’ll do on a long offshore trip then this is the perfect solution. The fish are literally half a mile from the marina. The action is constant and the kids get to see them busting the surface chasing Sardines, so they know there are fish around. Also, they have as much fun playing with the Sardines in the bait tank as they do catching the Yellowfin but as long as they are having fun on the water with me I’m stoked.


  • Coming in on the 9th. Looking to get one or two trips booked. Thinking it will be no less then 4 people. No more than 6 people fishing. Will be here until the 16th. Let me know what available. You can reach me by phone too 1-302-437-5074.

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