Friday, December 21st

Blake Whittlesey and his family came to Cabo for good time and good fishing. After meeting the group I know they have been having a great time. I don’t think I saw any of them not smile the whole time they were in our office. Today they headed out with Alex and Juan on El Nuevo and although they weren’t able to get any Dorado like they wanted, they hooked up with 4 nice Stripe Marlin for Catch and Release. Pam Ranallo tested her luck with Tantrum. Her and her husband also reeled in 4 Stripe Marlin with the help of Cesar and Americo.

RedRum owners Ryan and John Donovan were joined by Ryan’s sister Jennifer, and his future father-in-law Greg Sawyers on Rum Runnin with Javier and Manuel for a day of Marlin fishing. They family caught and relased 2 Marlin before 11 am!

The boats are heading out towards the Lighthouse maybe 2 or 3 miles offshore. Still waiting for the Dorado and Tuna bite to pick back up as I have heard from a couple of buddies that the bite is solid in Northern Baja.



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