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**Please read the edit to this article at the bottom of the page**

Manuel Dominguez, and his son/first mate, Jaime Dominguez were entertaining an older couple from Arizona yesterday, fishing for Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna on the 34′ Luhrs “Ziggy.” The bite has been unseasonably strong for both Dorado and Yellowfin and it has been relatively easy to catch limits of both species the last few weeks. That being said, most charter boats are pulling smaller lures, on smaller rods and reels, making it more fun for the customer. Well, Manuel was lucky he had at least one Shimano 50 in the spread yesterday.

While fishing about 6 miles off the Lighthouse, trolling for Tuna and Dorado, “Blue Betty” came out of nowhere and engulfed a 12 inch Blue and White, EAT ME Lure. The massive Marlin put on an impressive 30 minute show, jumping and thrashing about the surface. After that, the Marlin put his bill down and headed deep. Manuel and Jaime’s clients were not interested in going to war, he told me, and they “only wanted to fight the fish for about 15 minutes,” Manuel said.

Jaime and Manuel took turns for more than 8 hours, before finally boating the fish. The only 50 wide in the spread, an older Shimano TLD, was the one that got hit. It was rigged with 80lb line and 180lb leader. After boating the fish around 1:30 AM, the headed back to IGY Marina here in Cabo San Lucas, but no one was around to get out the certified scale. They had to wait until about 7am, when the digital scale read 1070 lbs!

This is the first recorded Grander in Cabo San Lucas waters in more than 10 years. This just goes to show that elephants do in fact eat peanuts, and not all the big Blue and Black Marlin migrate away from Cabo after the popular late Summer and Fall seasons where we see the majority of our Blues and Blacks being caught.

**Edit- February 4th,2013- It has come to our attention that the person reading the scale added 10% to the weight of the fish to make up for the roughly 8 hours the fish spent on the dock before the weigh station was opened. The scale officially read 987lbs. As many of you know, Cabo is a small town, so I won’t name names but the person manning the scale acted super lame in my opinion. Sure it would be great to have a Grander landed in Cabo, and this fish may have weighed over 1000lbs, but the scale read 987. I apologize to my readers for giving false information to everyone. I was not at the scales, but have very close friends and family that were, so when the weight was announced 1070lbs, that is what they reported to me.**

-Ryan Donovan
RedRum Sportfishing

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