Hectic week in Cabo San lucas!! Huricane Paul passes through making way for Tourney Season!!

This has been one crazy week around here for sure! we started out Monday morning with most of our anglers thinking they may close the port due to the rains, but they were still ready to brave the weather out there! Last minute, we were told to go out and go fishing, so we did! Despite the rain, our anglers still had good luck getting into the Dorado. Check out the photo of Dane Schindler and his crew with some nice dorado!! Not so much with the billfish, but maybe later on in the week!

Tuesday, Hurricane Paul had us in his grasp and the Port was closed tight! The Los cabos Billfish Tourney was due to start on Wednesday morning, but was postponed until Thursday. The Port, however, ended up being open on Wednesday and our anglers made it out and even though the waters were pretty churned up, nobody was skunked! The Dorado were still out there, even some Billfish. We hope the water settles even more for the start of the tournament.

Thursday morning, we had 3 boats join the Los Cabos Offshore Tourney, RedRum, 19’s Toy and Marlin Queen. None of our boats did much to speak of, though Andy Bartz and his crew aboard RedRum had a large Blue Marlin on the last day of the tourney before losing it, they still had an awesome time and our buddy Joe Assenza aboard the MQ had two Billfish releases of his own, unfortunately, one did not count….. There is always next year my friends!

This weekend I have been updating you guys on the Little Bisbee or the Bisbee’s Los cabos Offshore Tournament. Keep checking those updates. Other than that, we have been doing pretty much the same, Dorado some Sailfish, a few Striped and Blues. The good thing is that most of the Dorado are in the 30lb range and everyone is taking home plenty of fish! We did have a boat find the Yellowfin sweetspot today, Sunday, Rex Litchfield along with Tom & Jake Aeillig boated 10 nice Yellowfin, they were pretty excited as last year they were here at the same time and only boated Dorados.

Well, that is all for my reports for now, I will try to get back to the daily reports soon my friends, I know a lot of you miss them, but it has been so busy, I can barely find time to tie my shoes (nor can I reach my feet anymore due to the 8 1/2 mos. baby belly!), so bare with me, but remember, if you want to add your day, please post a comment, or better yet, send in some of those great photos and we will get them on here.

Thank you for reading!


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