Luis is back!

We’re excited to announce that an original Team RedRum member, Luis Vela, has returned from Texas and is back in Cabo!  
Some of you may have already had the pleasure of meeting our newest Team RedRum (re-) addition, Luis Vela. Luis is actually our newest and one of our oldest team members. Back in 2006, when we took full ownership of RedRum, Luis was just finishing up college at TCU and he jumped at the chance to move to Cabo and help us out with our new business. As our first employee that wasn’t actually working on a boat Luis did a bit of everything, from translating Spanish conversations into English for John, working the shop, packing fish; there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to help the business and we wouldn’t be where we are today without his help those first two years. After two years in Cabo, Luis was ready to head back to the US and get on with life and a career (or so he thought he was.)

While Cabo and offshore fishing were certainly a passion, sports and education were another. Luis decided a career in education and coaching would best suit him. His great attitude and hard work was contagious and it wasn’t long before he became the Athletic Director at the middle school he was working at. Things were good, work was rewarding, he had bought his first home, but there was always just a little something missing he used to tell me. Every vacation, Luis was on a plane to Cabo, spending as much time as he could around our family and RedRum. It was during one of these vacations that it dawned on him, what he was missing in his life was Baja, and offshore fishing, and Team RedRum. Over a few cerveza’s we started to chat about how we could get him back to Cabo, what he could do at RedRum, and how we would transition to once again working alongside each other.

Luis had some decisions to make, then some explanations, and finally he had some packing to do; then in May of 2015, he was once again living in Cabo and we were lucky enough to have him again working with Team RedRum. After a year of trying to figure out exactly what Luis would do, we have it pretty much figured out. Most mornings Luis is the first guy to the shop, he’s our Fleet Manager, so he’s making sure his crews and boats are ready for an awesome day on the water. Aside from handling the fleet, Luis is also responsible for our inventory of awesome RedRum hats, t-shirts, perfomance shirts, hoodies and more. Finally, Luis is also in charge of our “Fundraising Program.” Being big time believers in giving back and sharing this special place we call home with everyone we can means that we do our best to help out all kinds of charities and non-profits. If you are interested in learning about the programs we offer, contact Luis at

Welcome back hermano, we sure missed you!

-by Ryan Donovan


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