October Fish Report

Tournament season is here!

The time we all wait for here in Cabo San Lucas has finally arrived, fishing Cabo in October can be some of the best Black and Blue Marlin fishing we will see of the year.

With the Bisbee Black and Blue coming up here this week, we should see some pretty big fish being weighed in here at the scales for the tournament.

The Black and Blue Marlin are going to be caught mainly trolling big lures, but can be live baited as well if you can spot them! They are a fun fish to fishing for hours, and then releasing them back to hopefully win a tournament!
Striped Marlin are being caught on lures, as well as dead and live bait. Most of these fish are being caught about 5 – 35 miles off shore. But show best results when fishing on the tide.

Yellowfin tuna has been decent this month, with some larger sizes starting to come over this way, they require a lot of time and effort but getting to pull on a 150lb + Yellowfin Tuna is quite the opportunity!

Dorado has been excellent! The past month, the Dorado bite has been great and consistent! They are a great fish to take home and make up some fish tacos to share with the family. They are typically being caught inshore, on small trolling lures. With limits being caught daily, we expect them to stick around for a while!

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