OK guys….Here come the reports!

Sorry we pretty much missed all of November and the first part of December due to my absence, but I am back and will get back to my reporting! These reports are from the 13th – today, the 15th. Mostly, we are still seeing Dorado outside on the Pacific side with some Striped mrlin mixed in, even saw a huge Black Marlin yesterday still hanging around…..

Let’s start with the bad news on Thursday, there was one boat that went out for a 1/2 day on ReelRum, John and his buddy Henry, they did not boat any fish. Not a very good day for those guys.

All the other boats on Thursday had full days and fared a little better. Kelly and Tami Burke along with Haley Lipszyc boarded RedRum for the day and caught 5 Dorado, 2 of which they released because they were just wee-ones.

Doug and Patricia Neiss along with Scot and Alyson Heon headed out on RumRunnin for the day with Jesus squared. They caught a nice 30lb Dorado which they ate for dinner and took the rest home. They also caught and released a 130lb Striped Marlin.

Joyce & Jeff Nowlin with friend Kathy went out on Tantrum for the day. Though they came in wet from all the rain – which is VERY unusual here in Cabo- they still had fun and caught 4 really nice sized Dorado.

Robert Kulen and his fam along with buddy Jordan Ewoniuk went out for day number two of this trip aboard Colleens Magic. THis time Jordan caught a nice sized Striped Marlin. Day one they were aboard RumRunnin and caught 2 Dorado and a Striped Marlin.

Bryant Thedford and John Cuff braved the day on a shared charter aboard Tantrum after the rains. They ended up with a pretty good day catching 3 nice sized Dorado that each are going to take home to enjoy.

Edward Lestina and his family were back with us for the second time off of a Carnival cruise ship. They had a great day catching and releasing a Sailfish and a nice size Dorado, check ’em out in the photos!

Friends Imon & Lynette Jones, Karin and John Weiss, Allan and Katie Quigley along with Kim Hobbes were off on El Nuevo for the day with Captain Alex and Jesus. They had an awesome day with Kim reeling in a huge 104″ Sailfish. They also boated a nice Wahoo and 3 Dorado.

Mike and Mikal Darden, father and son team went out on the Marlin Queen for two days in a row. Day one they caught and released a Striped Marlin and had a huge 400lb (or there abouts!) Black Marlin on the line for a few minutes, watched it dance on top of the water before all the line peeled right off the reel….. Day two was awesome, they caught and released another Striped Marlin and caught another 10 Dorado.

Well, that about does it for the past few days, I’m going to do my best to keep these coming now on a regular basis, I know how much you guys really like seeing these reports!

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