Los Cabos Fishing Report-Quick Recap by Ryan

Wednesday we caught 4 of 5 Sails that bit and also got a Striped Marlin. When my best buddy TJ was finally ready to give up on trying for a Blue Marlin, as we had been doing from 7am-1pm, we ran out and found a school of Yellowfin. We lande
d 7, including the 100+/- pound fish shown in the picture. All the other boats did well with Dorado, Tuna and Sails.

Thursday, Omar found the Blue we were looking for. He had 7 billfish bites that included a 500+lb Blue Marlin that was on for 15 minutes before it broke the 400lb leader. Sails, Tuna and Dorado on the other boats.

Today was windy, but that brought the fish up to the surface nicely. 5 Dorado for Rum Runnin’. 1 Stripe Marlin, 1 Dorado and 6 Tuna for ReelRum. RedRum had 5 Tuna and 1 Dorado. El Nuevo had 10 Tuna and 2 Dorado, they also lost a 150-200lb Yellowfin after close to an hour. They had could see the fish, 20 feet or so under the boat, then it took one last run and the hook came free. TantRum had 3 Tuna and finally, Miranda had 5 Tuna, 4 Dorado and 1 big Sailfish.

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