Saturday, December 29th

Thank the new moon, Santa, the fishing gods or RedRum Captains and Mates, but Dorado and Tuna have returned. After a solid two weeks of only Marlin bites, table fare started to show up in Cabo waters again. On the 26th we saw one of our boats pull into the Marina with a yellow flag flying and we thought they must have been flying the flag in order to get the dust off. This was not the case, the boats had actually caught a few Dorado. Thursday the 27th it was more of the same, much more. Each boat brought in at least 2 Marlin and a Dorado. Javier managed to find 2 Marlin and 3 Dorado. Alex on El Nuevo found two of each. Cesar had a Dorado and 4 Marlin and Omar took the daily prize with 2 Marlin, 1 Dorado and 10 Tuna. The Kastilahn crew were troopers on this charter. They got to the arch and ReelRum had a problem with the water intake. They had to come back into the marina and patiently wait while our trusty mechanic Rene diagnosed the problem, a plastic bag. After a 45 minute delay they were back on the water. The Kastilahn’s were also the first boat back with 13 fish. Needless to say they were happy they stuck around for a few minutes. Friday the 28th was another good day of fishing. The school of Tuna could not be found again but Marlin and Dorado were still around. Omar and Jesus stayed hot and landed 5 Marlin. Nuevo RedRum had a great day with 1 Marlin and 3 big Dorado. Cesar had 4 Marlin and a Dorado and Javier had 2 Marlin for the Gower clan.

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