John Donovan


John has been fishing the waters of Cabo San Lucas since 1984 and was instrumental in expanding the the fleet over the past few years. Due to his passion and drive, the Donovan family became full time owners of RedRum in 2007 with John taking charge of overseeing the operation by spending more and more time in Cabo. While he recently took a step back from day to day operations (so he could spend more time with his grandchildren, fishing,) he is still involved in all aspects of the company, and still around to help create the welcoming family atmosphere that keeps clients coming back to fish with RedRum.

Tiffany Meade

General Manager
Tiffany was born in North Carolina and lived in Virginia, Georgia and Mexico City before moving to Cabo San Lucas to join Team RedRum. Tiffany works in our marina office in Cabo San Lucas and she handles reservations, check-ins, sales, and just about everything else in the office. Tiff is usually the first one you talk to or hear from when you call or email us in regards to setting up a trip. She is super outgoing and friendly and loves meeting new people from all over the world and making sure they have a great time with RedRum Sportfishing. Tiffany lives in Cabo with her husband, Benny, and their son, Max.

Benny Arzate

Logistics Manager
Benny is a jack of all trades. He is up every day at 4am making the lunches that our anglers enjoy out on the water, then at 4pm he helps vacuum seal and freeze you catch at the end of the day. Throughout the day Benny is doing a lot of behind the scenes jobs that go unseen by our customers, but they help make us who we are. Benny is a super hard worker and we are pleased to have him on our Team.

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