Wednesday, December 19th

Despite the amount of fish spotted all day by the Redrum team, hooking a Marlin seemed to be a difficult task today. There were loads of fishing chasing bait balls and sitting on the surface around the Lighthouse area today. El Nuevo produced the best outcome by catching and releasing 3 Stripe Marlin. Juan, the mate on El Nuevo was able to hook up with all three early in the morning. Derek Retter and his family were very pleased with their outcome and the way that Alex and Juan handled the day. They heard about the lack of fish being hooked up today and were satisfied with the 3 Stripes.

Jesus and Cesar fished together on Reel Rum and were able to hook up with a Stripe Marlin. It was brought up to the boat and had its picture taken with the Caldwells, quickly put back in the water for a release.

Tantrum and Rum Runnin both had slow days as they tried everything they could to get a Marlin hook up. Mr. Anaya and his son had a great time being on the water together aboard Tantrum even though they came back empty handed. Mr. Anaya understands that fishing is not catching! It is also good that he is teaching his son, who is very knowledgeable about fishin about the slow times as well.

Hopefully the bite will pick up tomorrow! I will be sure to keep everyone posted.



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