Weekend Report

Rick Bothmer and his family headed out on The Marlin Queen for a full day with captain Chito. They fished on the Pacific side. They had an awesome day catching 10 Yellowfin and a Dorado.

George Lozano and Mark Ditzel headed out on Reelrum for a full day, they met up on our Shareboard. They caught 2 Yellofin Tuna and a nice Dorado.

Matt Jemkins and Pamela Long opted for a full day aboard RumRunnin with Jesus 3 and Jesus 1. They had 9a lot of fun and caught 4 Yellowfin and 2 Dorado.

Josh Ammons, David Dow, Haley Henevald and Kate Clark headed out on RedRum for a half day of fishing. They did great, catching and releasing a Striped Marlin and boating a Dorado.

Jason Baugh and his crew were at it again Saturday and Sunday. This time they were aboard El Nuevo with Captain Alex and Mate Jesus 2. They had an awesome Saturday catching 5 Yellofin, 5 Dorado – one of which Mike caught that was 55 inches and Catchy caught a nice 120lb 95 inch Striped Marlin, her first! I have no idea what they caught on Sunday, I did not write it down 🙁 Im sure it was right along with what else they caught this week!

Andrew and Vanessa Loftus were here celebrating their “baby moon”. Vanessa surprised her hubby with a fishing trip. She did great, lasting all day with her 6 month baby bump, and her hubby was super excited to catch a Nice 6 foot Striped Marlin!

Cheryl and Jeremiah Contreras, Jorge and Lisa Cardenas and Kathleen Garcia fished aboard RumRunnin for the day. They caught 2 Striped Marlin and 4 Yellowfin Tuna. Jeremiah and Jorge caught the Marlin, they let me know Jeremiahs was bigger…..

A super nice couple from the UK, Pat and Marion Green showed up to fish with us because they thought we were named after famed racehorse Redrum. Apparently Redrum is Irelands version of Seabiscuit. I hated to inform them that RedRum came about after Jack Nicholsons famous role in “The Shining”. They were gung ho for their trip anyway and Pat caught and released a nice 130 lb Striped Marlin, they will be back at it tomorrow to give it another go.

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